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Abigail Allan
Abigail A. Allan is dedicated to addressing issues related to biology, environmentalism, science, and activism. She recieved her BFA at the New York State School of Ceramics, Alfred University while double minoring in both Biology and Art History.

She plans on completing her Masters in Fine Art. She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has returned there to both live and work. She works in her studio, teaches at the Science Museum of Minnesota, and volunteers as a radio D.J. and music director at K.F.A.I. community run Fresh Air radio.

Each Piece is an individual creation, completely hand built by Abbi, and a survivor of a long line of complex building and drying processes, grinding, multiple layers of glazing, and multiple firings.*

These vessels are inspired by the fleeting organic moments we would wish to freeze in time. They are also a reminder for all of us to handle and respect our ecosystem as delicately as we would paper thin clay on pin-point, while keeping in mind that we have more in common with the amoeba than the micro-chip.

*Each work is an individual creation; all hand made, no molds or patterns. Thus, please to not expect the pieces you receive are exactly like those on this website, but rather its own unique piece.