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Ching Shyu - "The Painter of Movement"
Ching Shyu has studied art in his native China and the United States where he obtained his Masters degree in Fine Arts. Through his life experience and the combination of Eastern and Western fine art disciplines render a distinguished and dynamic painting style. Ching is versatile in multiple media's; watercolor, acrylic, pastel and oil paintings.

As a child during the Cultural Revolution in China, Ching was separated from his family. Drawing was his passion and only comfort, he practiced daily. Recognition for Chings efforts came early. In 1971 he won first prize in the Young Fine Arts Competition of China, he was just 11 years old. In 1972 he was selected by the Chinese government to demonstrate his work for important foreign visitors, including President Richard Nixon. Later, he received his formal training at the Canton Fine Arts Academy and worked as a painter for the Guangzhou Fine Arts Institute. At the age of twenty, his first book of paintings, Aviation Pioneers, The Wright Brothers was published.

In 1982, Ching came to the U.S. to study at UC Berkeley and the University of New Mexico. In 1987 on his academic performance he won the International Graduate Student Fellowship Award.

Combining Chinese painting strokes and western colors, Ching refined his paintings to capture the energy and movement in the topic of dancing and dancers. With this unique style, he has won numerous competitions including: The Southwest Watercolor Competition, the Fine Arts Competition of Chinese Artists in the U.S., the International Fine Arts Competition in Beijing, etc. In 1996, Ching was included in The Encyclopedia of World Famous Chinese Artists. One outstanding aspect of Chings art is his unique ability to communicate dynamic movement. In order to have lines and strokes contain aesthetic meaning, first he'll use abstract strokes with vivid rhythms to describe the most complicated human feeling and body language. In the details, the lines and planes are very modern looking, with a realistic feeling. Secondly he puts an emphasis on creating incomplete images that give viewers sufficient space to use their imagination. As a result the artist and the viewers complete the painting together. His works have opened up a new art perspective to people. In 1999, Ching was honorably selected to create artworks for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

Currently, Ching is a guest artist for the California State Universities, where he continues his studies, research and teaching. Ching is also a fine art director for Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley, responsible for the set, costume and poster designs of the 2005 show Middle Kingdom - Ancient China. His art has been displayed in galleries from San Francisco to New York. Chings art is always on display in China's National Museum, the Fine Art Museum of Beijing.

Ching believes that there are two basic elements in a painting: Beauty and Uniqueness. "Beauty can reach people's hearts and true art value is found in the uniqueness". .